Rock Rakes

No matter what size SHoule rock rake you choose you get the same high quality. Whether it be a three point linkage mounted rock rake or a pull type unit, all rock rakes come standard with bolt on, reversible and replaceable teeth made of RT-400 steel. All mechanical drive rakes are protected with a slip clutch system while the hydraulic versions are all pressure regulated. SHoule rock rake frames are made of the highest grade steel to support greater shocks and loads in rough field conditions. They are also driven by heavy duty double chains located in a sealed drive case for complete dust and rock protection.
Rock Rake

The WD-10 is a 3 point linkage mounted rock rake with a working width of 2.7  meters. It is designed for 65 to 125 hp tractors. The WD-10 has RT-400 steel teath that are reversable and replacable and is available in PTO and Hydraulic Drive.  

SHoule Rock Rake

The SHoule PWD-10 rock rake is a PTO driven trailing type rock rake, with a working width of 2.7 meters. It has RT-400 replacable teeth and is designed for 65 to 124 hp tractors.

SHoule Rock Rake

The SWD-15 has a working width of 4.2 meters and is available in mechanical or hydraulic drive. It is designed for tractors in the 65 to 125 hp range.  The SHoule SWD-15 rock rake has a bigger drive bearings and an adjustable working angle. 

SHoule Rock Rake

The DRR-30H is a double auger rock rake. The unit unfolds to an angle of 120 degrees to achieve a total working width of 8.2 meters forming a single central windrow. The hydraulic drive is driven by the tractor PTO and is protected with overflow caution
valve and cooled with a thermostatic bypass valve. The SHoule DRR rock rake also has  hydraulic depth control.

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