Rock Picker

The new Shoule RM8090 Rockmonster Rock Picker has a working width of 2 meters and a dump height of 2.3 meters. The fully open back design means that when loading, or dumping, any dirt falls back to the ground rather than going in the trailer or pile. The high volume 3.6 cubic meter basket is 30% larger than other comparable machines on the market and has added benefit of not having to have the rotor on the ground to dump, meaning you can easily manoeuvre the machine while dumping.  The unique design of the reel means a lot less moving parts and the reversible teeth mean a long service life. The Rockmonster has a 3.45 meter transport width.
SHoule Rock Picker


Picking Width - 2 meters
Working Width - 4.5 meters
Transport Width -  3.45 meters
Dumping Height - 2.3 meters
Bucket Capacity -  3.6 m3
Recommended Reel Speed - 3 km/h Minimum Rock Diameter - 5 cm
Maximum Rock Diameter - 61 cm
Dry Weight - 4.77 tones

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